Cologne Architect Award 2010 for the H-ZWO headquarter „Seiler Höfe“


The Cologne Architect Award is one of the oldest German architect awards and is given to exemplary buildings, building groups, urbanistic sites and outdoor plants in Cologne and its surroundings.

The qualified jury showed themselves impressed by the rebuilding of the former ropery – the current headquarter of the H-ZWO bull herd.

Here, in the revitalized industrial heritage located in the Schanzenstraße, the architects have tamed the long building’s material rank growth with a banderole of evenly perforated metal sheets.

Additionally, a variety of different patios were created for a high quality of stay and a surface of wood and glass was generated, which corresponds perfectly to the traces of the industrial usage.

The Cologne architect award, given away once in three years and reflecting the spectrum of current Cologne architecture, has the purpose of encouraging the bid for the quality of built surroundings.

It is awarded by the “Kölner Architekturpreise e.V.”, whose sponsors are the Architektur Forum Rheinland (AFR), the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA), Cologne, the Deutsche Werkbund Nordrhein-Westfalen (DWB) and the Kölnische Kunstverein (KKV).

H-ZWO executive Frank Holtey: “We, as well as the architects Trint + Kreuder and the contractor Gottfried Eggerbauer, are very happy about the awarding of the charming Seiler Höfe as the creative center of the cathedral city Cologne.”

For its client H-ZWO invites everyone to the world’s biggest coffee party

On behalf of its client Krüger H-ZWO invites everyone to the world’s probably biggest coffee party. On August 30th 2009 10.000 expected visitors together with her host Gisela will celebrate in Cologne’s “Jugendpark” their entry in the book of Guinness World records.

Celebrities and entertainment guarantee an unforgettable afternoon at the Rhine bank. The entrance is free! Host Gisela, Germany’s most popular comedian Hape Kerkeling, Frank Holtey, H-ZWO business manager, is looking forward to gossip and amusing encounters: “When lovers meet the abandoned, when house owners meet squatters and when optimists meet pessimists, there will be a lot to talk about.” Next to the branded 18 meter long show truck, the agency’s pride and joy will be 84 square meter big LED-screen. All visitors can follow what is happening live on stage.

British world star Roger Moore signs the big “Puzzle of wishes” in Cologne


He tracked down villains between the Egyptian pyramids, in the rainforest, on floes of the Arctic and even in outer space: seven times, more than anyone else, Sir Roger Moore played James Bond on the big screens. The most famous secret agent of film history now signed a very special and oversized puzzle piece in Cologne – the “Puzzle of wishes”.

In summer 2008, more than 100.000 children wrote and drew their heart’s desires on the “Puzzle of wishes”. Sir Roger Moore, awarded multiple times for his social commitment, therefore signed his name with pleasure next to those of all the small Bond fans.

In August 2009, the pedagogically valuable campaign “Puzzle of wishes” of the coffee specialist KRÜGER will be continued on a large-scale. H-ZWO is responsible for the organization and implementation of the German-wide tour.

About KRÜGER: The KRÜGER group located in Bergisch Gladbach is one of the largest developers and producers in the private-label sector and belongs to one of Europe’s largest provider of instant products.

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